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Bubble Domes

Our Bubble Domes are the ultimate must have for any event. What are they? Well, Giant Dome structures filled with Bubbles! Can you imagine anything more wonderful?! Our Domes are proving increasingly popular and we have now expanded our capacity with an 8m inflatable Bubble Dome. Here is a sample of what we have used our domes for, but at the end of the day, a Dr Zigs Bubble Dome is whatever you want it to be. Just give us a ring, drop us a line, and we’ll create the Bubble Dome tailored to your needs.

Bubble Workshop Domes.

For a full-immersion, hands-on, all-weather lot of Bubble Fun.

Our Bubble Workshops are great fun! We fill the Dome with Bubbles and have several Bubble Stations where kids (yes, and you too!) can come and have a go at Hand Bubbling, making Bubbles with different objects and shapes, making foam beards, and generally having LOADS of fun. You may even learn a bit of really cool Science along the way :D

Bubble Dance Dome

The ultimate Dance Tent and/or chillout zone. Every event should have one! Whatever the tunes, whatever the vibe, everyone is going to have a GREAT time. We combine Bubble Machines with smoke machines to create an unforgettable otherworldly experience. With space for DJ decks and the ability to hang speakers and lights, we can create an exciting and intimate and quite trippy Bubble Dome of your dreams.

Bubble Meditation and Bubble Therapy Spaces

Being surrounded by Bubbles in a calm and soothing environment is really quite an incredible experience. In a similar way as when watching flames flicker in a fireplace, Bubbles trigger Alpha waves in the brain, stimulating deep calm, creative and euphoric states. With soft carpet and cushions and a space filled with colours and Bubbles, we can create the ultimate Meditation space or Chill-Out Dome.