Bubble Magic Tricks

Bubble Magic Tricks

Bubble Magic Tricks

1. Make Bubbles FREEEEZE! ❄️
Last week we launched our all new Frozen Bubble Kit.
And everyone is LOVING it!

We've had such great feedback and the orders are flooding in from across the world 🌎

But how does it work?! We've written a handy FAQ which you will find on our website, or click here.
If it's not cold enough outside, you can make Frozen Bubbles in your freezer. Just look at ours from today!🤩
(P.S. If you don't have much room in your freezer- you can take a drawer out very briefly... It only takes seconds for the Bubbles to freeze in there. But be quick! They don't last long once you open the door again and let the warm air in, these magical moments are fleeting but SO worth it!)
Making Frozen Bubbles is fun for the whole family, an exciting project that can be educational, exciting and interesting all at the same time- watch crystals form as your REAL LIFE Bubbles become frozen in time AND take some really cool pictures 📸
Check out our Instagram reel to see how it's done: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CW25k3lr_2i/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Shop Frozen Bubble Kit here
2. Catch Bubbles in Your Hands
Impress your friends with this trick! Think Bubbles pop when you touch them? Think again...
Following this tutorial you will be able to hold a Bubble in your hand, without the need for any special equipment or gloves.
Shop Hand Wand here.
3. Get INSIDE a Bubble!?!?
Now THIS is a big one! Everyone always wants to know... Can you put me in a Bubble? The answer is YES.
Did you know you can rent or buy our AMAZING In a Bubble Kit and really wow your friends?! How cool is that? 
Hire In a Bubble Kit here!
We also have this SUPER COOL Over the Head In a Bubble Kit designed to be used by two people, which is perfectly portable AND wheelchair friendly.
Shop Over The Head in a Bubble here
Now how's that for some great tricks for this party season!? Let us know if you try any, or have any other ideas for Bubble Magic you want to try ✨

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