Freezing Bubbles in the Freezer?!

Freezing Bubbles in the Freezer?!

Freezing Bubbles in the Freezer?!

How cool are those crystals?! We couldn't believe it when we saw them, and they're OUR Frozen Bubbles! What's even better is that you can actually make these yourself at home...

Here's how we did it: 
1. Pour some Frozen Bubble Mix into your Bamboo Bubble cup and ensure it is completely coated in mix, using the straw to spread it up onto the rim of the cup.
2. Set up your Frozen Bubble in the freezer (we used a chest freezer here but you could briefly take out a drawer from your conventional freezer to make some space!)
- blow a bubble into the Bamboo Bubble Cup using the Bamboo Bubble straw (pointing downwards for the straw to work properly)
- set up a torch directly behind your Bubble (we used a small headtorch here, you can also use fairy lights but the brighter light of the torch works best for best crystal visibility)
- start recording on your phone and place it in the freezer, recording your Bubble (for these images we lowered the brightness of the shot and kept the flash off - but you can experiment with what works best for you!)
3. Close the freezer door and leave your phone recording for roughly 30 seconds. (Putting your phone in the freezer should be done at your own risk and ensure you avoid any metallic or icy/wet parts of your freezer.)
4. Open the freezer door, take out your phone and stop recording. You should have an amazing video which shows the crystals forming on your magical Frozen Bubbles!! You can screenshot from this to get still images, or keep it as a really cool video. Click here to check out this video we made in the freezer.
5. For more tips, tricks and information you can visit our Frozen Bubble FAQ here. Happy Frozen Bubbling!

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