In-A-Bubble Kit for putting children in a bubble eco ethical fun

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A lot of super exciting Research and Development later and dahhhdahhhh!! Our IN-A-BUBBLE MOATS have had a makeover and, well… they're just too beautiful for words and we just can’t can’t take our eyes off them 😅
They're made using UK sourced Barley Straw and they look just SO GOOOD! Changing this manufacturing system we are using far less glass than our previous design- but it’s still just as durable and long lasting, with absolutely NO PLASTIC in sight!!
Each moat is carefully handmade right here in Bubble HQ 😊
It's just the BEST - it makes beautiful Bubbles- big enough to put kids and adults in to wow the crowds, but now this awesome piece of kit is 100% recyclable, and a load better for the planet ♻️
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The famous Dr Zigs Bubble Moat and Hoop - Perfect for putting anyone in a bubble!

  • WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE INSIDE A BUBBLE? PUT OTHERS INSIDE BUBBLES? Then look no further. Dr Zigs’ Ultimate In-A-Bubble Kit is just what you need – and more! It has everything you need to create huge beautiful bubbles that will wow everyone. Fantastic for stunning pictures. Great for venues. Perfect Instagram shots!


  • WHAT DO YOU GET? FIVE litres of our 5 times concentrate mix = 25 LITRES. Enough bubble solution 1,000s of people INSIDE bubbles, 1 light-weight aluminium bubble hoop for encasing people in bubbles and making long rainbow tubes of multi-coloured bubbles. 1 one meter diameter Bubble Moat made of epoxy resin NOT PLASTIC – so you can fit up to two people IN a giant bubble.


  • SUPER STRONG SOLUTION - We believe that no solution comes close to ours. The size, length, longevity and colours are excellent! These are highly engineered with years of research in every bottle.
  • WHY WE’RE THE BEST: Our multi award-winning kits and mixtures are all entirely UK made and unlike cheap imports our wands use no plastic – they’re made from sustainably sourced wood with 100% untreated, unbleached cotton ropes – no plasticized string for us. We’re much more eco-friendly than other makes as our non-toxic bubble mix is fully biodegradable, is guaranteed PALM OIL FREE and contains no phosphates so it’s better for the environment, for orangutans and for children!
    • MADE IN THE UK – “ All our products and mix are handcrafted in the UK, supporting local and national companies, and using sustainable, organic materials where possible. Use these wands to make the most impressive, Instagram-able bubbles you’ve ever made – this is perfect to put people of all ages and feel the magic of being in a bubble! To be used/performed by adults only.
  • DON’T RISK DISAPPOINTING BUBBLES. While others promise magic but don’t deliver, Dr Zigs’ are experts in producing the biggest, long-lasting bubbles every time, to make sure your special celebration goes with a …pop! See our pictures or search for us on social media to see just how amazing our giant bubbles really are.

    The in-a-bubble kit is also available as part of the larger Super-Dooper Kit which is designed with schools in mind.


    PLEASE NOTE: The In-A-Bubble kit will NOT be delivered the next day. The current delivery time is 10-14 days. Although we will endeavour to deliver sooner if at all possible :D