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Bubble Trumpets

Type: Bubble Kits

Bubble Trumpets 

The entire profit will go towards the crowdfunding to support Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital in Bangor.

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The Bubble Trumpet is a unique tool to blow and catch bubbles. It is the easiest way to begin blowing big bubbles and attaching bubbles to make caterpillar, square, carousel, and other bubble sculptures. Multiple people can attach trumpets to a single bubble and make giant group bubbles. If you blow directly into the trumpet, you get a bubble the size of a single exhale, but if you purse your lips and blow through it as if it were a flute, the force of the air going from your lips to the trumpet pulls in extra air (the Venturi effect) so that the bubble is triple the volume of the exhale. Each Trumpet comes with a Mute which can be snapped onto the Trumpet to make clusters of bubble foam.