£1 from the sale of each reusable bag is going to go towards sponsoring Paola (Founder of Dr Zig's) who is taking part in Exxpedition, the all-women round the world sailing voyage to help study and find solutions to ocean plastics. At home it is quite easy to put distance in our minds between the plastic products we use and the sea they will inevitably end up in. On a sailing ship it's impossible to not see the correlation and we're really excited to be able to bring awareness to this hugely important trip!

Designed in collaboration with local artist, Callie Jones, this reusable jute bag features Babipur Towers in a playful North Welsh landscape in Callie's signature style.

We wanted to create a quality reusable bag to celebrate moving to our new warehouse in Porthmadog, North Wales. So we have collaborated with Callie Jones to create these beautiful shopping bags featuring Babipur Towers! These bags are made responsibly from the sustainable fibre, jute. Jute is a natural fibre and is super strong. It's farmed with no pesticides or fertilisers and nothing is genetically modified. Jute plants absorb 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and release 11 tonnes of oxygen over their six month lifespan! Jute is hardwearing and makes the perfect fabric for a bag that's going to be used again and again. Our bags are screen printed with water-based dyes and not only that, they're biodegradable!

We champion zero waste products here at Babipur and we're really excited to have designed our own plastic free alternative to single-use shopping bags.