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Over the Head In a Bubble Kit

Type: Bubble Wands

The Over the Head In a Bubble Kit contains: 

  • 1 litre of Triple Concentrate Giant Bubble Mix (which makes 3 litre of giant bubble mix)
  • 1 set of Over the Head In a Bubble Wands and Rope (60cm sustainably sourced wooden wands.

This kit is designed to be used by 2 people. Simply, dip and drip, and then holding the wands together, raise the rope above the person’s head and then open and lower! The rope is large enough to fit wheelchairs, and brides and their dresses! Always a great crowd pleaser. (and yes that is Dara O’Briain In a Bubble!)

“ All our products and mix are handcrafted in the UK, supporting local and national companies, and using sustainable, organic materials where possible. Use these wands to make the most impressive, Instagram-able bubbles you’ve ever made – this is perfect to put people of all ages and feel the magic of being in a bubble! To be used/performed by adults only.