About Us

About Us

About Us

We are an award winning company who specialise in Giant Soap Bubbles and fun. We hand make all our toys and mixes which are environmentally and ethically sound. We are home to some of the biggest bubbles in the world. Join us and #sharethebubblelove

Whether it’s a festival of thousands, a family christening, or a 106th birthday party — yes! we put Mrs Jones and her wheelchair inside a giant bubble! — sharing the bubble love is what we do. Like no one else.

Our Bubble Story began many moons ago, and ever since we’ve been researching and tweaking our magic mix. It’s the touch of Welsh Mountain Dragon Juice that makes it so special.

Since Day One, we’ve followed sound environmental ethics and done our bit to change the world through Bubbles Not Bombs. Along the way, we’ve won some awards and grabbed some top-notch headlines.

Thanks to our amazing Bubble Crew and to you, our wonderfully loyal family of customers, Dr Zigs keeps growing from strength to strength. Thank you for sharing the bubble love. May your bubbles never pop!

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