Dr Zigs Photoshoot Day!! 💚

Dr Zigs Photoshoot Day!! 💚

Dr Zigs Photoshoot Day!! 💚

We had so much fun yesterday, nothing but smiles, laughter and loads of Bubbles of course!

A huge thank you to our fabulous photographer Kristina Banholzer  and all the amazing families that took part!

Most importantly a big supersonic WELL DONE to the awesome kiddies that joined in the fun! you guys rocked 🤩🤩

It was so lovely to see the children having so much fun playing with the Bubbles and making new friends 

We can't wait to show you guys all the fab pics! 💜


Our models were all from our lovely multicultural comunity here in North Wales.  We are still working hard on the lessons we're learning from the BLM movement - we're improving our creatives, our gender balance our disability visibility - it's not perfect, but we're working on it!  💜

Our Bubbles are eco, ethical, non toxic, non- binary, non - discriminative fun for EVERYONE!💚

 Bubbles are universal, inclusive and made with everyone in mind 💙



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