Protect Our Oceans!

Protect Our Oceans!

Protect Our Oceans!

As you know, here at Dr Zigs we LOVE the environment, especially our seas. In a previous life (before the kids!) I was a professional sailor, for a few years I owned my own traditional Brazilian gaff rigged fishing boat, and over that time much time out at sea - including a trans Atlantic. 

it was very much those experiences that helped form my passion for the Oceans, and a deep belief that our natural world needs looking after. And it is this passion that lies at the heart of Dr Zigs - and everything that we do. 

If you are following us, you will know how much we are constantly working to improving our impact. From our energy consumption, supply, to our packaging and implementing Circular Economy practices (like our Bubbles for Hire range!) 

Very importantly though we are acting on PLASTICS. Ocean plastics are one of the biggest man - made threats that our Oceans are having to deal with. We all, as individuals have to play our part - but it is also up to enterprise. As manufactures we are committed to reducing the plastic in out toys where ever we can - this year alone we have reduced our plastic by a further 20% (80% in a two year period) But we also call on politicians and decision makers to push for action.

Together we CAN change our world. 

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