The complexity of plastic and our Dr Zigs Eco Bubble Toys

The complexity of plastic and our Dr Zigs Eco Bubble Toys

The complexity of plastic and our Dr Zigs Eco Bubble Toys

Plastics are becoming a bad word in our society.  In a world where we 
can no longer avoid the damage, the waste and the shocking images of 
pollution and death of wildlife.  But yet how do we tackle such a huge 

For years at Dr Zigs we've been working on this.  Exploring 
alternatives, options, solutions.

We firmly believe that change must come from us.  That whilst we 
shouldn't carry the responsibility as individuals, as consumers, and as 
a company - especially one who's product is so enjoyed by children, we 
have a responsibility to BE the change, and by being the change, we can 
play our part in changing the world.

As you will know, we have now removed ALL single use plastic across our 
range. Our bucket is now a beautiful Coconut Bucket, or toggles are now 
made of natural rubber (from a tree!), our weighted ring on our Giant 
Wand is now a beautiful turned piece of sustainably sourced wood, our 
Foamer is Bamboo and reclaimed coconut husk.  We're really doing our 
best to drive and be this change.


The one ongoing conundrum that we are left with is our plastic bottle -
and for the past 3 years we've been exploring solutions. Could our mix
go in water soluble sachets? Could we create a bar that could dissolve
in water? A powder?  It's a long story but the answer to each, so far at
least (we're still working on it), is no.



We've also looked long and hard - literally years of conversations, 



emails, research, prototypes, experiments, company visits etc etc at all 
manner of Bio-Plastics - could these be the solution for our plastic 

Well, the short answer is no, not at all.  The longer answer we will go 
into in a more in-depth blog, but for now it's to do with mixed bio and 
standard plastics, lack of recycling provision, water /raw materials 
needed, how it biodegrades. and, and...

As you can tell we've been on quite a long journey of discovery, and one 
that is not over yet - but what we have found out so far?


-  HDPE plastic is the most stable, easily recyclable the world over

- Recycling plants have a great success rate at recuperating this material

- It's easily and readily transformed into.... new plastic bottles!! 
(That we then buy)

So this is one of the most clear examples of a Circular Economy in 
practice - with surprisingly little 'leakage' of plastic into the 

And when you add to this the host of Zero Waste Stores that now help you 
re-use your plastic bottle, therefore giving it longer and longer life 

How cool is that??

The Plastic question is not simple, we know, and it is up to us to be 
the change we can, but this is to let you know - that for now, whilst we 
strive to improve even further, by being SMART about plastic we're 
certainly all playing our part.

Happy Bubbling!





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