Giant Bubble Celebration/Memorial Kit - Small

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  • WOULD YOU LIKE AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE TO BALLOON RELEASES? Remember your loved ones, or celebrate your cause, in a memorable, beautiful and KIND way! Sadly, instead of going up to heaven, all balloons end up coming back to earth as litter, and posing a huge risk to our environment and our wildlife. Our giant bubbles provide a much better alternative to dangerous balloon releases. And our kit can be used again and again, as opposed to one time only balloons! And our bubbles don't waste valuable helium resources either. 
  • 1 litre of 5x concentrate, which makes 5 litres of bubble mix.
  •  3 Multi Wands for making streams of gazillions of multi-coloured bubbles.
  •  2 Giant Wands – even the smallest child can make lots of huge bubbles easily.
  • 5 small Dr Zigs buckets
  • WHY WE’RE THE BEST: Our multi award-winning kits and mixtures are all entirely UK made and unlike cheap imports our wands use no plastic – they’re made from sustainably sourced wood with 100% untreated, unbleached cotton ropes – no plasticised string for us. We’re much more eco-friendly than other makes as our non-toxic bubble mix is fully biodegradable and contains no phosphates so it’s better for the environment and for children!

    • MADE IN THE UK – “ All our products and mix are handcrafted in the UK, supporting local and national companies, and using sustainable, organic materials where possible. Use these wands to make the most impressive, Instagram-able bubbles you’ve ever made – this is perfect to put people of all ages and feel the magic of being in a bubble! To be used/performed by adults only.
  • DON’T RISK DISAPPOINTING BUBBLES. While others promise magic but don’t deliver, Dr Zigs’ are experts in producing the biggest, long-lasting bubbles every time, to make sure your special celebration goes with a …pop! See our pictures or search for us on social media to see just how amazing our giant bubbles really are.

Dr Zigs bubbles are award-winning giant bubbles and are the original giant bubbles that people all over the world are raving about!

The Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix is produced by ourselves in the valleys of Snowdonia to a secret recipe – with a little bit of added magic and a trace of dragon essence. Forget the shop bought stuff – we’re talking ninja Bubbles here!

All our Wands are made from sustainably sourced wood, very cool – and all our Bubble Ropes are 100% natural untreated cotton.

We work hard to reduce surfactants (not so good for the environment) whilst increasing performance. Our mix is guaranteed phosphate.

  • All products also come with a sheet of Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles Tips, Tricks and Instructions.
  • If you want to see Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles in action check out our video pages

ps. Post us back your empty bottle (or even just the lid), with your name and address, and you'll get a £3 voucher towards your next purchase of a Dr Zigs Giant Bubble product!!

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