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Triple Concentrated C3 Bubble Mix- Sensory (makes 3 litres)

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1 litre of TRIPLE CONCENTRATE Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix will mix up with water to give you 3 litres ready-to-go mix. Just add 1 part Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix to two parts water. Stirred not shaken. 


Promote fine motor skills, visual tracking skills, hand/eye coordination, sensory perception, oral motor skills, social and communication skills, gross motor skills, identifying body parts, language and cognitive skills and speech skills.
Our bubbles stimulate and encourage neurological responses as triggered by the different senses: 
- Sight (the different coloured mixes, shapes, sizes),
- Smell (the different scented bubble mix),
- Hearing (the sound of bubbles popping, the sound of foam popping and being formed),
- Touch (the feeling of the bubbles on the skin, being able to use hands to make the bubbles themselves)
- Vestibular (the perception of our bodies and movement in relation to the bubbles and their movement around us)
- Proprioception (the coordination of our different body parts in making, popping feeling the bubbles around us)

  • Red – berry scented.
  • Blue – ocean scented.
  • Yellow – citrus scented.
  • Green – pine scented


  • WHAT DO YOU GET? – Enough bubble solution for more than 3,000 giant bubbles! (15,000 if you purchase the 5L option) Designed for use with our Dr Zigs giant bubble wands and hand wands. This comes in multiple colour options perfect for all you're bubble needs.


  • THE ORIGINAL DR ZIGS GIANT BUBBLES – Yes! these are the bubbles you’ll have seen on the streets. Our award-winning bubbles are the original giant bubbles that people all over the world are raving about!

  • SO EASY, IT’S CHILD'S PLAY! – Everyone can make giant bubbles with our hand-crafted toys and unbeatable mix. You’ll be giggling and goggling in no time!

  • ENDLESS FUN – Our new mix now lasts longer than ever and delivers thousands of giant bubbles – perfect for a party, in the park, or at the beach. Our refills last longer than ever.

    • SUPER STRONG SOLUTION - We believe that no solution comes close to ours. The size, length, longevity and colours are excellent! These are highly engineered with years of research in every bottle.

    • DON’T RISK DISAPPOINTING BUBBLES. While others promise magic but don’t deliver, Dr Zigs’ are experts in producing the biggest, long-lasting bubbles every time, to make sure your special celebration goes with a …pop! See our pictures or search for us on social media to see just how amazing our giant bubbles really are. 


      The Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix is produced by ourselves in the valleys of Snowdonia to a secret recipe – with a little bit of added magic and a trace of dragon essence. Forget the shop bought stuff - this is just mindbubbling!! Also great for hand-bubbling!

      • All products also come with a sheet of Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles Tips, Tricks and Instructions.
      • If you want to see Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles in action check out our video pages

      ps. Post us back your empty bottle (or even just the lid), with your name and address, and you'll get £3 voucher towards your next purchase of a Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble product!!