Ultimate Bubble Performance Kit - Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles

Ultimate Bubble Performance Kit

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This kit is for anyone who wants to start using the bubbles for performance, parties and workshops. It is a great investment, durable and long-lasting. A repair kit for the wands and ropes is also included.

Ultimate Bubble Performance Kit includes:

  • A complete Party Kit (see above) including 5 litres of mix.
  • 25 litres of our Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix (5 litres of our 5x concentrate)
  • 1 In a Bubble Big Bubble Moat and Wand
  • 1 Over-the-Head In a Bubble wands and rope
  • 1 set large (2.5m) display wands.
  • 1 set interchangeable ropes – including display giant, multi and a net
  • 1 hand hoop wand
  • 5 Bubble Foamer
  • 10l bucket
  • Sieve and funnel
  • Core-subject lesson plans with resources, tips, games and ideas to make learning, playing and entertaining great fun with extraordinary bubbles


The Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix is produced by ourselves in the valleys of Snowdonia to a secret recipe – with a little bit of added magic and a trace of dragon essence. Forget the shop bought stuff – we’re talking ninja Bubbles here!

All our Wands are made from sustainably sourced wood, very cool – and all our Bubble Ropes are 100% natural untreated cotton.

We work hard to reduce surfactants (not so good for the environment) whilst increasing performance. Our mix is guaranteed phosphate and palm oil free.

  • All products also come with a sheet of Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles Tips, Tricks and Instructions.
  • If you want to see Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles in action check out our video pages

ps. Post us back your empty bottle (or even just the lid), with your name and address, and you'll get a £3 voucher towards your next purchase of a Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble product!!