Bubbles as a Tool to Help you Focus

By Paola


I was fascinated by Johann Hari article in The Guardian - 'Your attention didn't collapse, it was stolen'

I personally am increasingly aware of how difficult I find it sometimes to focus. To the point where my older kids think I have ADHD. How often I am distracted by my phone, how I'll start thinking about something - and rather than finish my thought, find myself looking for the answer to it on google, how hard I find it to read a book, to finish an article, to hold my attention.

We also all know, nearly instinctively, that increasing screen time can't be good for our kids, because I guess we know it's also not good for us - it's scary when we see our behaviour magnified and reflected in kids, their faces glued to their phones, the intensity of gaming, the tired eyes, the snappy answers when we call them for dinner.

For years at Dr Zigs we've been saying that our Bubbles are great for getting the kids outside and away from screens - and suddenly reading this made me think how incredibly important this actually is. How vital it is that we do get these digital natives un-stuck. How disconnecting, getting outdoors, being active, observing, learning by doing, is so incredibly important to their overall wellbeing, and their mental health.


My personal experience is powerful too.

Every time I step out to make Bubbles - even though I most often start by taking pictures or videos for our Dr Zigs socials, I end up slowing down, I take my time, like a personal meditation. I become caught up in the moment, lost in the colour and movement of these improbable orbs. I regain my focus.

And often, after a session out with the Bubbles, I will do my best work, play a great game with my son, finish a task I was struggling to get done.

I'm not alone. Since the pandemic, more and more of our customers are adults. Using the Bubbles to reclaim a moment for themselves, a moment of mindfulness, and as a tool for their mental health.


Reading this has been a good wake-up call for me. I don't want my attention stolen. I have too much I want to do.

And, if with the Bubbles we can help reclaim focus, reclaim minds, it will be a job well done.

For further info, take a look at Center for Humane Technology

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