Bubble Pollination Kit by Dr Zigs non toxic mix vegan.  Bottle of Pollinating Mix resting on the branches of cherry tree with blue skies and Bubbles containing pollen floating in the background

The world bee population is in decline.  Pollination is in a massive crisis.  This is affecting food security for millions of people.  (links below for source)

With Dr Zigs you can pollinate the world with Bubbles. 

With our kit you can collect and add pollen to our unique plant-based Bubble Mix, so children (and adults) can blow Bubbles that will actually pollinate flowers!  

It’s a world first!  Combining play with a huge innovation in pollination technique, and education about our environment. 

Bubble pollination kit by Dr Zigs with humming bird moth in the background and blue skies and cherry and almond treesorchard

We are Eco Friendly!

Years of research has gone into developing this innovative toy - the Bubble Pollinator Kit is made of natural materials - including Bamboo straw used to blow the Bubbles and a Bamboo cup to collect the pollen (all sourced from a community farm in Vietnam), a small wooden brush with vegan bristles to collect pollen. 

The mix is in a 100% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic bottle The mix is non-toxic, plant and insect friendly, vegan and fully biodegradable, and able to support and successfully deliver pollen.  All the ingredients are derived from plants. 

Who we are

Dr Zigs, a female led manufacturing company, based in Wales in the foothills of Snowdonia,  has developed a Bubble Toy that children can use to pollinate flowers whilst they learn skills on how to save the world.  

Dr Zigs are incredibly proud of this innovation, and are really excited to be launching this to coincide with Earth Day 2023. 

We are specifically looking for Black, disabled and minority farmers and beekeepers to collaborate with us on this project. 

Some spectacular background facts

Dr Zigs are world leaders in specialist Bubble toys with a focus on sustainability. They hold 7 Guinness World and are UK Export Champions shipping to 21 countries worldwide.  Dr Zigs was started 12 years ago at Paola’s kitchen table, all because her young son Ziggy loved Bubbles.


Bubble Pollination Kit by Dr Zigs with Snowdonia in the background above llanberis made with non toxic ingredients and Bamboo components

Pollination and food security in the news: 

https://committees.parliament.uk/committee/135/science-and-technology-committee/news/194299/insect-decline-and-uk-food-security-to-be-examined-by-mps/ (March 2023)

https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_23_2084 (one million EU citizens sign petition to save the bees 5 April’23)

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