Bubbles Pollinating flowers using Dr Zigs Bubble Pollinating mix and kit with cherry trees and blue skies in the background


We are so excited to be launching our new Bubble Pollinator kit! To go alongside this amazing little kit, we have put together this information section, so that you can learn everything that you need to know about pollination, pollinators, and the threats that they are facing.

Please navigate the sections below to learn about plants, pollination, and pollinators.



What inspired this kit?

Research from a Japanese scientist published in 2020 demonstrated that pollen could be held within the film of a soap bubble, and that it could be successfully delivered to a flower to pollinate it. This research inspired us to do our own tests, to see if we could make this work.

Pollinating using Bubbles has many possible applications in the agricultural industry, but we wanted to focus on the educational aspect – spreading the word about why our pollinators are so important, and how we can help them.

As you navigate through these pages, think about how important pollination is in your life – what foods you eat, the plants in your garden or local area. What pollinators do you see around you, and do you see them less than you did a few years ago? What do you think could be done in your garden or local area to help support our native pollinators?