Here at Dr Zigs reducing waste and minimising packaging has always come naturally to us. We invest time and effort into reusing as much as we possibly can and minimising our packaging carbon footprint. This is something we have done right from the beginning before the damaging impacts of waste and plastic became so well highlighted by the mainstream media. Here is a little information about what we do: 


We believe that re-using is one of the best ways to reduce our packaging impact. One major way we do this is by up-cycling and re-using all of the packaging, boxes, pallets, fill, Bubble wrap etc that come into our warehouse from our suppliers.  Regular customers to Dr Zigs will have received a few of our 'wonky boxes'. Team Dr Zigs are experts in making boxes to fit all sorts of shapes. Customers are often surprised that all of their items fit into our little boxes.  In fact some customers say that opening a Dr Zigs order is like opening Mary Poppins’ handbag! We’ve always done this and as we’ve grown new processes and special storage areas for up-cycled packaging have had to be created. Buying in all new packaging material would be more time and cost effective but we are committed to continuing our policy of reusing as much as possible.

If you receive an order from Dr Zigs that appears to have plastic fill or padding please be assured that we have not bought this material, it has been reused from another source.

Reusing packaging in this way reduces the amount of new material that has to be produced and therefore minimising our impact on the environment


To ensure parcels reach our customers in perfect condition we must also buy in new packing materials such as boxes, mail bags, padding and tapes. All new carboard mail boxes are made from recycled and FSC paper sources. All parcel fill is recycled paper kraft roll. Our parcel tape is paper based and can be recycled. Our mail bags are made in the UK from recycled plastic.

We often get asked about our recycled grey mail bags that are used to send small items. We have investigated a number of options and after careful consideration these mail bags offer the best balance of protection and minimal carbon footprint due to their robustness and small form factor. We know they’re not particularly pretty but they do the job well, they’re light and strong and they make use of a waste material.

What you will never get from Dr Zigs is a giant box with a tiny item inside filled out with air bags which if you shop online you’ll know is common practice.


Everything we can’t reuse again is sorted and recycled where local facilities allow. Our confidential waste is collected by a local recycling firm, a social enterprise who offer employment and training for people with learning disabilities.


We don’t produce very much paper based marketing material. For that which we do such as cards included with your order we use recycled paper and choose an eco-friendly printing firm.


Here at Dr Zigs we make high quality products that are made to last. Longevity and reusable products are important because they reduce the need to buy again and thus reduce manufacturing, packaging and transport lessening your environmental impact.

That's why we have a 3£ refill policy, which although we cannot refill your giant Bubble mix bottles for Health and Safety reasons, we offer you 3£ off your next bubbly order!

We re-use the bottle to make other eco, ethical toys such as our wonderful foamers perfect for bubbling indoor and so wonderful to use to make arts and crafts such as Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards and so many other activities. Ideal for those rainy days! 

We actively encourage pre-loved sales within our customer community which further demonstrates the reputation and quality of the Giant Bubble toys we sell. We’re strong believers in the philosophy of “buy less, buy better”. When you buy from Dr Zigs you can be sure that the eco ethical giant Bubble toys on our website have been carefully made with special responsibility, quality and care for the planet.


We’ve always made considered decisions when it comes to everything we do including our packaging. We work really hard to ensure our packaging creates minimal impact and we’re confident we are one of the best in the industry. We take it seriously, we’re continually reviewing, looking for new ideas and ways to improve.

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