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Are Bubbles good for dogs?

Does your dog love running and chasing after everything ? Especially if it's round and moves fast? If so, chances are your dog will love bubbles !

Why are Bubbles good for puppy and canine play?

There are many reasons why bubbles are such an excellent choice of toys for dogs. Unlike balls they don't get lost or chewed or covered in mud. You don't need to lean down and pick them up, or wrestle them out of the mouth of your slobbery friend.

What's more, they are fun for all the family, not just dogs but the kids, any adults and grandparents too will absolutely love the doggie walk on the beach or in the park that includes multi-colored beautiful bubbles.

Another reason why bubbles are such a fantastic toy for dogs is that they're a great way to get exercise outside and for them to use and practice all of their innate skills - they can run, jump, track, all the while practicing agility and coordination. 

All dogs will benefit from what is known as canine enrichment, basically stimulating the senses and requiring them to use their brain for an activity.  Watching and chasing bubbles requires quick thinking, fast reaction times, and snap decisions on which bubbles to pop first. The variety of movement that is encouraged through playing with bubbles is great for all-round body exercise, from deliberate movements, too fast running, and high jumps to try and pop the bubbles Just Out of reach.

What breeds prefer to play with Bubbles? 

Over years of research and work that we have conducted on the doggy bubbles and playing with so many of our four legged friends it seems that some breeds and some dogs enjoy the bubbles more than others. Collies of all types, labradoodles, poodles, Dalmatians, kelpies, Alsatians, boxers, spaniels are some of the breeds that we found most responsive. However, this isn't a pod fast rule. It seems that it may be more about character, and you won't know how much your dog loves bubbles until you try them. 

How to train and teach your dog about Bubbles

They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, they may be right, so ideally start when your dog is a young puppy.  But we do know plenty of old dogs who have also learnt to chase bubbles. The first thing to do is to try.

  1. Take yourself and your dog outside, preferably to an open space with few distractions. Like your back garden or yard that will already be familiar, or a large field in your local park when it’s quiet.  (unless you want more doggie friends!)

    2.Use interesting scented bubbles! Your dog's nose after all is one of their key assets. Our bubbles, our peanut butter scented for this very reason. 

  1. Make some bubbles! If your dog doesn't seem interested straight away try pointing to them, try encouraging your dog or puppy with your voice. Point to the bubbles using words that you would normally use for play like 'jump!' or 'fetch!' or 'get it!’
  2. Once your dog has got the idea the fun can really begin. By using our specially designed multi wand, you can hold this high and wide and let the wind really take the bubbles and let them fly far. You can simply stand and make bubbles whilst your dog runs and runs and chases and has the best fun and the exercise for the daily needs.

Are all Bubbles safe for dogs? 

Sadly not all Bubbles are designed with safety in mind.  So always choose reliable brands that state that their products are non toxic and biodegradable.  You can make your own Bubbles of course with simple eco friendly washing up liquid, corn syrup and glycerine. 

OR you can trust that our Dr. Zigs Doggy Bubbles are specifically designed to be non-toxic, and whilst they are peanut butter scented they contain absolutely no nuts and so are totally safe for anyone with allergies. The bubbles are vegan, and fully biodegradable in sunlight, so you can also be reassured that you're playing your part for the planet too. 

No harm will come to your pet if they eat or swallow a bubble. Obviously do not let them drink the whole bottle! (but even so  it is non-toxic).

Our doggy bubbles also come with concentrates for refills, so you can easily restock, or even subscribe and save via our website.

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