A Dr Zigs Bubble in front of a tree with a pink and blue sunset
Recently, I got to present at the #NetZeroNorthWales event as part of my work as Export Champion with the Department for International Trade (DIT)

It was a fascinating, insightful and seriously inspirational event, with news from exceptional companies - including Toyota Motor CorporationMoneypenny Uchelgais Gogledd Cymru | Ambition North Wales and Platts Agriculture Limited detailing the work that they do towards #NetZero.  From in-house recycling to turn waste into product, to best practices with construction, to training staff as beekeepers.  There is something we can all turn our hand towards.
I presented on our Dr Zigs change in packaging - how by using flat rectangular bottles in large letter size packaging we were able to reduce our carbon footprint by one third. I talked about our use of natural materials, including bamboo and coconut, and about our first totally plastic free Bubble Kit.  It felt good to share.

The thing is, we don’t really have a choice about this Net Zero path.  If we are to avoid the breakdown of climate and biodiversity we have to act now.  Sharing our journey towards this gives us framework, sense of community and a feeling that things are achievable. 

Here in North Wales we are a small, often forgotten region of the world, but listening to these stories - my are we mighty!  The creativity and passion in the solutions and actions we are taking here is incredibly inspirational and worth sharing.

As I got home the sunset and sky put on a magical show.  Yes, this world is something that is very much worth protecting. 

If any of you ever have any questions about Net Zero, do please reach out.  There is no perfect path, but each step, each action can make a big difference.

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