The rise of wonky toys and gifts
The rise of wonky toys and gifts
We're all a bit wonky, right? And we're all doing our best to protect our planet. 
We're more conscious than ever before - reducing waste and recycling at home, seeing how supermarkets are reducing plastic use and simplifying packaging, as well as making more ethical choices when we shop.
When it comes to toys, games and gifts there's a huge opportunity that people really aren't talking about yet, but we are.
Wonky toys.
But what are wonky toys?  Are they put together wrong?  Have bits missing?  Just a bit wiggly and weird?
Well, our wonky Bubble kits are largely Amazon returns - usually something has been squished in the mail, or the packaging has been marked or scuffed.  And, we want to make sure that they don't go to waste.
We also have some prototypes and demo kits, as well as odds and ends that for one reason or another just don't make their way into our regular kits.
All of our wonky kits are totally usable and in great condition, they're just not the original collection of components the initial set was designed to include, or the packaging might not be perfectly presented.
What's even better - they're all bargains at half the normal price.
We're on a mission to shout about wonky toys and we'd love you to spread the word too.  You can find our range here, and you can share your wonky wonders on Instagram with #wonkybubbles or #wonkytoys - we'll love you forever!
Being a bit wonky just adds to our list of pledges - plant-based, non-toxic, vegan, fully biodegradable and packed in a recyclable box that you can even use to propagate plants in.
The world is better when things are a bit wonky because nothing is ever perfect and that's perfectly fine!
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