A Bubble in the shape of a heart with a sunset
What we do at Dr Zigs essentially is all about love.  Since the very beginning one of our taglines has been #ShareTheBubbleLove and it is sooo true, and true of our work every single day.

Dr Zigs is about spreading love and laughter to as many people as we possibly can.  It’s about having a toy that is made for sharing, and a product that is designed to make people smile.

And it’s about love in every aspect of what we do.  Love for the process, the manufacturing, the bringing together of components and ingredients, it’s about love in the sourcing and the people involved, it’s about the hand-making of our cotton ropes, the community farmers who grow and harvest and process our bamboo, for the printers we work with, the chemists, the designers, and even (definitely) love for the tech support :D 

It’s about the love of our end user, the child, the children, who will squeal with laughter and delight, jump to pop, or just stare in wonder.  It’s about the parents, who take a moment to breathe.  It’s about those who use our Bubbles for giggling parties, for weddings and that most special of days, for those caring and using the Bubbles for respite, for a moment of goodness in a world of dementia, it’s about those using the Bubbles at funerals..  It’s especially about the kids in refugee camps, who for a few moments, with the Bubbles can have a moment to just be kids.  

It’s about the so very many of our customers who buy our Bubbles to gift, to pass on, to share.  Because every single one of our Bubbles is filled with love, and every single kit is filled with at least a thousand Bubbles, and for this year alone, for the number of bottles of Dr Zigs we sold, there were approximately 20 MILLION Bubbles in the world.  And if each one of these Bubbles is soooo filled with love, that’s a mighty lot of love that is now in the air.

So yes, at Dr Zigs, we are purveyors of LOVE.

To you, from all the team at Dr Zigs, we would like to send you ooodles more love this  Valentine’s Day.  And remember, always to #ShareTheBubbleLove x
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