BEST Bubble Gift Guide

Stuck with Christmas Presents? Want to gift something fun, thoughtful AND eco-friendly? You're in the right place! 

In this blog post, we will be recommending our favourite Bubble Kits, and who we think will love them most for that personal touch...

1. First up, we've got our amazing, magic, brand new Frozen Bubble Kit which is out to IMPRESS!

Dr Zigs Frozen Bubble Kit
What you get:
1 x Bamboo Bubble Cup
1 x Bamboo Bubble Straw
1 x 100ml Ready to Go Freezable Bubble Mix
1 x Instructions Sheet
Perfect For: Older children, adults, photographers, people who live in cold places!
Older Children and adults who love experimenting and learning through compelling educational experiences. The excitement and anticipation can be enjoyed alone or together with friends and family. OR any photographers you know- whether amateur or professional, photographing these Frozen Bubbles is a great project to develop skills and get some amazing photos! Know someone who lives in the freezing cold? Maybe in the North Pole... or perhaps in the Alps! Or just someone who loves the British winter (or someone who needs more reasons to love it...) Why not send them flatpack Frozen Bubbles in the post so they can make some AMAZING Frozen Bubbles outdoors?
Check out our Frozen Bubble FAQ to find out more.
2.  My Jumbo Kit  
Dr Zigs My Jumbo Kit
What you get:
3x 100ml bottles of award winning 10x concentrate Dr Zigs Bubble Mix, making 3 litres of ready to go mix for hours of Bubble fun.

1 x Multi-Loop Bubble Wand and Rope (for making LOADS of Bubbles)

1 x Giant Bubble Wand and Rope (for making HUGE Bubbles)

1 x Instructions Sheet including Tips and Tricks for making the best Bubbles
Perfect For: Families!
We think this is the BEST gift for families, especially if there is more than one child, who just can't wait to take it in turns and want to Bubble TOGETHER! It is suitable for EVERYONE over the age of 3, yes... even parents and grandparents!
Dr Zigs Coconut Bubble Kit
What you get: 
1 x Coconut Bucket
1 x Pocket wands with GIANT rope
1 x 100ml 10x concentrate Giant Bubble Mix (Makes 1 litre)
1 x Instructions Sheet
Perfect For: Planet lovers, foragers/collectors, natural toy lovers, green fingered friends
The eco-friendly person who LOVES multi-use and reusable products. The Coconut Buckets can be used in so many different ways - use them to build sand castles on the beach when you've finished Bubbling, collect pretty shells or other scavenging finds, use to carry toys or hang plants... 
Dr Zigs Bubble Painting Kit
What you get:
4 x Dr Zigs ready to use Bubble Paint (randomly selected colours)

1 x Bamboo Bubble Foamer

1 x Bamboo Bubble Straw

1 x Instructions Sheet

Perfect For: Budding artists, Sensory play, Arts + Crafters

The children in your life who LOVE crafting. Do you know a budding artist? Someone who loves messy, sensory play? There are so many ways to use our Bubble Painting Kit, for every season! Make Bubble Bunting, greetings cards, wrapping paper, beautiful works of art, and the list goes on… Check out our blog posts for FREE printable templates and Bubble Painting ideas.
Dr Zigs Christmas Bubble Bauble Kit
What you get:
1 x Pocket Wands with GIANT rope
1 x 100ml 10x concentrate Christmas Scented Bubble Mix (makes 1 litre)
1 x Instructions Sheet
Perfect For: Secret Santa, Christmas Lover, the COOLEST Christmas Tree
The Christmas lover! Do you know someone who loves all things festive? Someone who always has a really cool Christmas Tree which will be EVEN cooler with a magical sparkling Bubble Bauble that can be reused and refilled afterwards? These Bubbles are ideal for festive walks and spreading all the Christmas cheer!
Check out our Plastic-Free Christmas Ideas blog post for some of the ways this amazing Bubble shaped bottle can be reused all year long!
Dr Zigs Secret Santa Letterbox Giant Bubbles
What you get: 
1 x Pocket Wands with GIANT rope
1 x Randomly selected Christmas scented Bubble Mix 
1 x Instructions Sheet
Perfect For: Secret Santa, Stocking filler 
This gift is packed up super small, so is a perfect stocking filler or gift to send through the post. If you're stuck for a gift for your office secret santa, then look no further! Do you know someone who would LOVE making Giant Bubbles, and loves a Christmas Scent then this gift is a great place to start. You can also find our whole selection of Christmas Scented Bubble Mix here
Dr Zigs Doggie Bubbles Peanut Butter Scented
What you get: 
1 x 40cm wands with multi rope
1 x Concentrated Peanut Butter Scented Mix to make 1 litre
Perfect For: Your four-legged friend!
Does your dog go WILD for all things peanut butter? Have they ever seen Bubbles?! This is a great gift for promoting bonding with your pet and helping release their boundless energy, and can be used for training too. It is 100% safe and non toxic - no need to worry if they get a little taste of the mix. Don't worry, this product contains no nuts so are not an allergen! A great way to include the WHOLE family this Christmas.
Dr Zigs Cat Bubbles Catnip Scented
What you get: 
1 x 40cm wands with multi rope
1 x Concentrated Catnip Scented Mix to make 1 litre
Perfect For: Your feline friend
Is your cat a big Catnip fan? This gift will help provide much needed mental stimulation and learning, and can help kittens play safely. Geared towards cats but can be enjoyed by everyone, providing hours of entertainment for family fun!
Dr Zigs 10x Concentrate Giant Bubble Mix
What you get:
100ml/1litre/5litres 10x Concentrate Giant Bubble Mix
Perfect For: Bubble enthusiasts, refills, stocking filler
Know someone who is a big Bubble fan? Why not gift them some extra Bubble Mix this Christmas? The super concentrated mix means we can get so much mix in our smallest recyclable bottles yet! More Bubbles - less plastic. This would be the perfect stocking filler for your Bubble Lover and will give you hours and hours more Bubbling! 100ml makes 1 whole litre of Bubble Mix, which makes THOUSANDS of Bubbles. 
What you get:
Bubble Gift Voucher (£10, £15, £20, £30, £50, £100), email directly to recipient or get it in the post so you can put it in a card!
Perfect For: EVERYONE!
Still not sure which Bubbles to choose? Want to let your loved one choose their own Bubbles? Gift a Dr Zigs Bubble Voucher! 
And there's our Christmas Bubble Gift Guide 2021!
Don't forget with every purchase on our website we are running our BUY ONE - GIFT ONE campaign and you will be gifting Bubble Mix or a Bubble Toy to a hospital, hospice or care home. Thank you!
Wishing you all a lovely festive Holiday



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