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What are the conditions needed to make frozen Bubbles outside?

The perfect conditions for making Frozen Bubbles are STILL and FREEEEZING cold! If you are waking up to frozen grass in your garden, or there are some frozen puddles around, this is your sign that it’s time to try and make your Frozen Bubbles! 

It is usually colder at night, so we love Bubbling just before bed and waiting for an exciting morning of searching for frozen Bubbles!!

How long do they take to freeze?

Your Bubbles should start to freeze within 20 minutes and you should see crystals starting to form. 

Can I make frozen Bubbles if it’s not snowing?

YES! Sometimes it gets below freezing without any snow- as long as the temperature is below -2C, you can Bubble away and watch them freeze!

If it’s not cold enough outside, you can also carefully place your Bubble in its Bamboo Bubble cup into your freezer.

How do I make Frozen Bubbles in the Freezer?

Some people have had difficulty getting Bubbles to freeze in their freezer if it is a new generation or blast freezer (due to air circulation and anti-frost technologies). If you think this might include your freezer, you may need to wait until it's cold enough outside to freeze your Bubbles!

If your freezer is not a blast freezer or anti-frost, you can get freezing right away!

Your freezer may be full of food... ours is! However, our Frozen Bubbles should only take seconds to freeze so we have had a lot of fun by briefly taking out one of the drawers to make some space. Then blow a Bubble in the Bamboo Bubble Cup directly into the freezer. Gently push it further away from the door. Close the door for roughly 30 seconds. When you open the door you should see that some crystals have formed! It helps if you have a light source, for the best photos fairy lights look great, but you can just use a torch. 

As soon as you open the freezer door you will be letting in warm air from the outside and your Bubble will begin defrosting immediately, so be quick! If you are taking photos or have lots of people to entertain, we recommend periodically closing the freezer door and allowing the Bubble to refreeze- or perhaps you might need to blow another Bubble if all the excitement has caused the first one to burst!

My Frozen Bubble keeps popping when I open the door, what can I do?

For the best chance of your Bubble surviving an open freezer door, it's best that the air temperature is not too warm. If you have a freezer in a garage or cooler room this is perfect!

However, in most kitchens or indoor rooms, the air temperature will be significantly warmer than inside the freezer, so it's likely your Bubble will pop, or slowly deflate quite quickly.

You can try making your frozen Bubble closer to the back of the freezer so it is less affected by the warm air. If your Bubble is still popping too quickly with the door open - check out our next question for a great hack!! Otherwise, wait until it's cold enough outside and try again!

How can I take good images/video of my Frozen Bubble? 

We have had some great success by leaving our phones in the freezer very briefly, on record (for roughly 30 seconds). Doing this gives you some incredible footage of the ice crystals developing and means you can capture the Bubble before it defrosts from an open door! 

The ice crystals are at their most visible with some form of back lighting, we have tried both a head torch and fairy lights behind the Bubble, to great effect.

Do this at your own risk.

Do I have to use the Bamboo Cup for my Bubble to freeze?

No. The Bamboo Bubble Cup is great because it provides a smooth raised surface for your Bubble, and means you can move the Bubble gently if needed. However, if you find that you can blow Bubbles directly onto the surface you are working on, it is a good idea to blow lots of Bubbles in different spots so you can see where they freeze quickest and have LOADS of frozen Bubbles!

The wind keeps popping my Bubbles, what can I do?

Try finding a sheltered place outside where it is cold but the wind can’t reach. If you’re working on grass or snow, or somewhere wet, you can blow lots of Bubbles onto the surface using your Bamboo straw, to increase the chances of some of your Bubbles surviving in more windy conditions!

If it is truly blowing a gale, you might be better using your freezer for today, and try again soon!

Can I use my normal Dr Zigs Giant Bubble Mix to make frozen Bubbles?

It IS possible to make frozen Bubbles using our Extraordinary Bubble Mix, however our Frozen Bubble Kit contains a specially formulated Bubble mix, developed over months of trial and error, to make the best Bubbles for freezing so that you can make Frozen Bubbles quicker and more easily! The straw included in the Frozen Bubble Kit is also designed to make the ideal sized Bubbles for freezing.

Is this a messy activity?

The Frozen Bubble mixture is slightly stickier than our usual Giant Bubble Mix, but you only need a small amount to make a Frozen Bubble so this activity isn’t particularly messy!  Do rinse your Bamboo Straw and Cup after use, just in water, or water and a little soap, and leave to dry. 

What age range do you recommend this product for?

Everyone over the age of 3! (Due to small parts we recommend this product is used by those over 3 years old). Our Frozen Bubble Kit is a great educational tool for children and adults alike, learning about ice crystal formation and understanding freezing points, trial and error and just enjoying experimenting! It is an experience full of excitement and anticipation that can be enjoyed alone or together with friends and family. 

How many frozen Bubbles can you make with this kit?

The Bubble mix included in this Kit can make at least 2000 Bubbles!! They may not all freeze, however the more Bubbles you can make, the more will freeze, and 2000 Bubbles is a LOT of opportunity for amazing Frozen Bubbles.

My Bubble straw is not working, what can I do?

It is very important when using the Bubble straw that you point downwards and blow gently. If it still doesn’t work, contact us by emailing

Is it easy to make Frozen Bubbles?

In perfect conditions, yes! The Bubbles can freeze within seconds in the freezer or when it's cold enough outside, but we all know the conditions are not always perfect when it comes to weather... Our Frozen Bubbles are beautiful, ephemeral, fragile things, and they are rare and exciting, this all just adds to the magic of the experience! It takes patience, perseverance and trial and error - all part of this educational and compelling experience. And believe us, Frozen Bubbles are SO worth it!

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