How to care for your Dr Zigs Natural Products!

We LOVE our new natural Bubble Toys!!! Like everything that is natural, it all benefits from a little care - and here's a gorgeous little guide for how to take care of your lovely Dr Zigs Bubble toys.

🥥Coconut Bucket - It’s best not to leave mix in there overnight as it could seep out through the pores of the coconut. Any left over mix can be transferred into a tupaware or other container. - Rinse it with water and leave to dry. - Every so often treat your Coconut Bubble Bucket to a little LOVE by rubbing the outside (not the inside) with a little coconut oil! This can prevent any drying and/or natural cracks that may occur, and it will love you for it!

Wands - leave these out of the mix and dry indoors. No need to rinse, but do if there's any grass/mud/and other signs of good living

Ropes - rinse quickly with water and then leave out to drip dry.

Bamboo Foamer and Straw - rinse with water and leave to dry indoors. Don’t leave them in the mix or in water. And these too may love a little Coconut oil/butter love once in a while. See told you it was easy! 

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