Christmas Bubble Bunting

Christmas Bubble Bunting

Christmas Bubble Bunting

It's getting Christmassy here at Bubble HQ! We've started decorating...

What better to start with than some Bubble Painting?

We made some Christmas Bubble Bunting and we've got some templates to share with you!

For a fun Bubble Painting Kit crafting activity idea, make your own this Christmas Bunting using these printable templates, or draw your own.

Use recycled/scrap paper for the perfect Plastic Free Christmas decorations! Check out our Instagram reel to see a fun Bubble Paint crafting activity day.

You could also use our Bubble Painting Kit to make beautiful Christmas wrapping paper, paper chains or snowflakes or even Christmas cards... The possibilities are endless!

Don't forget to show us your creations by tagging @drzigs on social media, you might even win a Bubbly Prize!


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