Dr Zigs at Portmeirion's Festival No. 6 featured in The Guardian

The Guardian featured Dr Zigs at Portmeirion's Festival when Guardian photojournalist Christopher Thomond  had the opportunity to encounter the excitement and fun that Dr Zigs giant bubbles can engender.

Taking part in the festival that celebrates Welsh culture Paola and the Dr Zigs crew had fun entertaining youngsters and adults alike. Creating opportunities for children to make bubbles and interact with them helped children and adults alike to have fun together.

Paola, owner of Dr Zigs, said: "Bubbles are perfect for helping children to forget about day to day life, their electronic toys, the stresses of school and home, and embrace their inner child that so often is not allowed to play.

Seeing children laughing, which in turn makes their parents and carers laugh, makes running our business worthwhile. Giant bubbles can change moods, create friendships, and make troubles melt away, and here at Portmeirion we're hoping to be able to facilitate that for all the wonderful festival goers".

The Guardian's photojournalist was able to capture something of the joy and innocence that Dr Zigs' bubbles create and gave a glimpse of just how special Dr Zigs' bubbles can be.

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