Welcome to our wonderful world of Giant Bubbles!

My name is Paola, and I run Dr Zigs, together with a fantastic crew and with the help of the boss, Ziggy, now aged 12. We’re a fabulous little company, based in the foothills of Snowdonia.  We manufacture some of the best giant bubble toys in the world, with a unique focus on being as ethical and as environmentally conscious as we can.

My background has been very diverse – a mix of sailing, working as an artist, a boat builder and a conservationist. Born and brought up in Italy, my dad was Polish and my mum half Irish and half Welsh. Which all makes total sense when you bring it together with giant bubbles!

In 2011 I set up and started Dr Zigs. I came across the bubbles thanks to my youngest son Ziggy – as a toddler Ziggy loved bubbles used to get crazy giggling fits when he saw them.  From a curious hobby to a kitchen table start up, we are now award winning for our sustainable approach to business – and manufacture and produce some of the highest quality and most eco-friendly, low plastic, bubbles in the whole world.

Since day one, we’ve followed sound environmental ethics and done our bit to change the world through Bubbles Not Bombs. Along the way, we’ve won some awards and grabbed some top-notch headlines.

Running Dr Zigs allows me, and Ziggy, to be innovative and disruptive, and all the while spreading happiness – as our motto goes: ‘Changing the World One Bubble at a Time!’

We do hope you’ll join us in our adventures and share your adventures with us too. 

Bubble love,

Paola and Ziggy


Guinness World Record breakers. Most giant bubbles made using giant rope, or tri-string and Most giant bubbles made using a garland, or multi-loop. Caernarfon Castle, North Wales.  Paola Dyboski-Bryant and Ziggy Dyboski-Bryant are Record Breakers.  Dr Zigs World Record most giant bubbles. Guinness Certificate and Welsh Flag