When my eldest was around 18 months I took her to her first firework display.  It was cold, dark, and I thought rather exciting.  Yet, the second the first bang of  the fireworks went off, she started crying in distress, and suddenly we had to get out of there, away from the crowds, and away from what suddenly seemed agressive and interminable sound.

It was highly stressfull.  And, it was my first realisation that fireworks were not a good thing for everyone.

And then it made me question - why should they be?  And why was there
such a huge expectation for everyone to just get on and enjoy them?  And
what were the alternatives? What could I use instead of fireworks to make bonfire night fun for my kids?
firework bubbles giant bubbles coloured bubbles evening night bubbles

The more I questioned this, the more I realised that there are indeed
many people, especially children, for whom fireworks are really terrifying.  And this is not even considering the number of pets who sit shaking in their homes as November comes around again.

When I started working with the bubbles,  I realised that had actually developed a super cool alternative to to fireworks.  The bubbles in the night sky, even under
the faintest of street lights are a thing of wonder, glistening and shining in the dark. They make no noise, they are not sudden and terrifying as they pop.  What is more - they are safe for whole family to take part!
Bubbles instead of fireworks as eco safe alternative

So, for us, whilst fireworks are still amazing in their displays, as a family we now opt for giant bubbles!

What's more -  to make things even more inclusive for our furry four legged friends - we have just developed Giant Bubbles for Dogs - peanut butter scented AND Giant Bubbles for Cats, that contain cat nip.

So this bonfire night, why not treat the whole family, or even your local community, to a magical giant bubble display.

Best alternative to fireworks!  And a few more reasons to love our Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles!
  • No danger from explosives
  • No sudden noises or bangs
  • They work in the wind and rain!
  • No huge cost and outlay (If you want to make bubbles for a big group ou can even hire a Celebration Kit just for the night! OR if you invest in the kit it will be there to enjoy all year round, and come next bonfire night, you just have to order more bubble mix!
  • Our mix comes in several scents:  Pumpkin Spice, Red Berry, Citrus, Peanut Butter (for dogs) OR can contain essential oils - like Lavender for calming, or Cat Nip for cats.
  • Our Dr Zigs Bubbles are Eco, Ethical and FUN! so no harm to the environment.
  • EVERYONE can have a go, our toys are suitable from the age of three.
  • Can also be enjoyed ALL YEAR ROUND
  • They look BEAUTIFUL and make for some stunning photography
  • You'll be supporting a local Made in Britain company, knowing your bubbles are made in North Wales, and are not imported from China.

What's not to LOVE!!