Well yes, Bubbles and Festivals were made to be together. And Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles were certainly made for festivals. The Bubbles instantly create an amazing atmosphere, and their colour and movement are just the perfect ‘installation’.

We offer walk-about Bubbling, and the crowd and stage bubbling, we bring our Bubble Dome for indoor full-immersion Bubble experiences, as workshop space and a Bubble Shop to help festival-goers fill the event with their own beautiful bubbles.

With our extra-large rigs, nets and fans we can cover huge crowds with thousands of Bubbles. We work in high-tops, stages and marquees at big Festivals, as well as working with crowds at outdoor street events.

Huge giant Bubbles floating over a festival site really do add that extra WOW factor. And what is really extra special is that they even work in the rain, lifting the mood of even the soggiest reveller.

If you're an Artistic Director, a Festival organiser or a promoter and would like find out more about how we can Bubble your crowds just get in touch.We have a festivals pack we can send out with more information and can discuss how we tailor ourselves to whatever you need. We are fully insured and all our crew is highly trained, and we conduct detailed site-specific risk assessments for each event.