When we first came up with the idea of Bubble Kits for hire - it was all to do with our drive to work towards a Circular Economy. Basically by sharing and re-using our resources we are prolonging their life again and again and again and again... and, well you get the idea!   AND a Circular Economy is round (like a Bubble :D )      


Giant Bubble for Hire Kits great for events fun for everyone


As you can see on our website we have a number of hire kits available.  These can either be our Celebration / Memorial Kits (they come in Large or Small)  OR our In-A-Bubble Kits OR our SUPER DOOPER School Kits.  ALL the information is on the website!   You place the order, pay your deposit, - we ship it in super speedy time - and then one week later (or 10 days if you need it longer), we arrange collection.  Simple no?  

No wonder they're so popular!   HOW SIMPLE AND HOW COOL.  By HIRING and SHARING these kits - we are all playing our part in a Circluar Economy and learining to change the world! 

In - A - Bubble kit great for parties our kids and adults inside a giant bubble

One of our most popular hire kits in our In - A - Bubble kit which super excitingly has just had a makeover!!

A lot of super exciting Research and development later and here it is!! Our brand new IN - A - BUBBLE MOATS!!

They're made using UK sourced Barley Straw and they look just SO GOOOD!! Changing this manufacturing system we are using far less glass that our previous design - but it's still just as durable and long lasting, with absolutely NO PLASTIC in sight!!

in a bubble kit great for parties out kids and adults inside a giant bubble

Each moat is carefully handmade right here in Bubble HQ by the awesome DIY David who's worked super hard on this new design, we think he's done an absolutely top - notch job!

it's just the BEST - it makes beautiful Bubbles - big enough to put kids and adults in to wow the crowds, but now this awesome piece of kit is 100% recyclable and a loads better for the planet ♻️

Available to buy or to HIRE over on our website!

Because these moats are bespoke and hand made, we have a two week lead time on each order 

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