A quick tutorial on how to use our In-A-Bubble Kit

Our In-A-Bubble kit  is growing in popularity, particularly amongst professional performers and entertainers.  Here is a very quick video showing you how to use the kit, and how to fill and empty it too. 

 We're pretty happy with how well this kit works.  We re-designed it about a year a go, reducing over 60% of the plastic content it used to have.  Now, our moat is made of resin, and hoop is aluminium, wrapped in 100% untreated cotton.  We do have the smallest bits of plastic for the attachments, but overall we're thrilled with the design.  Solid, easily portable and just fantastic to use.

The spout is designed to allow you to easily pour out the mix once you have finished bubbling.  Just, as in the video, pour very carefully from the spout over a bucket.  No spills, no mess! 

This kit is also super popular for schools and events.  Everyone what's to get in a bubble right?!!  So this kit is also used as a fundraiser, and to provide photo opportunities. 

And for marketing ideas and to generate followers, you can ask your guests or participants to get on social media and post #getinabubble @ and then the name of your event. 

Should you have any further questions about the use of this kit do, please get in touch!