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Size: Bubble Machine Mix (Just Add Water)
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Our Bubble Machine Mix is formulated especially for Bubble machines - making thousands of Bubbles for you to enjoy in any Bubble machine. Choose between our main mix, or a re-fill.
With this easy to use Bubble Machine Mix, you get 400ml in a 5L bottle. Just add water up to the fill line and you have a ready-to-use solution to be poured into your Bubble machine.
Alternatively, you can buy a 200ml refill for your bottle.
The solution is designed to be used in any Bubble machine - for toy machines you can add slightly more water if needed. In the higher end and more professional machines, it delivers super high performance.
  • Eco, ethical fun! - Dr Zigs Bubbles are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, phosphate free, vegan, and ethical - a percentage of all our profits goes to helping kids in need in the UK and around the world. Made in Wales.
  • Endless fun! - Our new mix now lasts longer than ever and delivers thousands of giant Bubbles - perfect for use with Bubble machines at parties, night club events, or at home.
  • Why we're the best: Our multi award-winning kits and mixtures are all entirely UK made and unlike cheap imports our wands use no plastic - they're made from sustainably sourced wood with 100% untreated, unbleached cotton ropes - no plasticized string for us. We're much more eco-friendly than other makes as our non-toxic Bubble mix is fully biodegradable,  and contains no phosphates so it's better for the environment and for children!

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