How to Make Frozen Bubbles

We're getting utterly obsessed with our beautiful Frozen Bubble Kits.

Every day we check the weather, the slightest inkling of frost and we're all out making Bubbles!

It's NOT always successful - Bubbles, even frozen ones are ephemeral, and the beauty is absolutely also in the trying.  

Here are some pics we took from one day this weekend, both taken at the same time, literally a few miles apart.  I was up near Snowdon - should have been colder right?  Whilst Jenny was on Ynys Mon, Anglesey. 

Mine failed to freeze, whilst Jenny's made stunning crystals. 

I waited 20 mins, my hands getting more and more blue (I forgot my gloves), and Ziggy getting impatient. 

Jenny was home, so left the Bubbles out in the garden for a couple of hours before checking and finding these stunning crystal formations. 

There are also some of Jenny's early morning ones, again, hers freezing, mine just looking beautiful - AND I did get to enjoy the sunrise and a stunning full moon in a Bubble.


We're learning lots:

  • Slight breezes can pop the Bubbles sooner
  • Pockets of frost are better
  • Partly frozen Bubbles - when the film gets a little thicker - pop in a most amazing way!  They kind of gracefully collapse...
  • It has to be below -2 degrees (don't always listen to your weather app - when Jenny's Bubbles froze it said +3 degrees!! If you think it feels cold enough, give it a try, you never know!)
  • Don't forget your gloves
  • Best attempted late at night or very early morning.
  • You can leave the Bubbles out for hours, sometimes they last ALL NIGHT! (Imagine how Santa and his/her reindeer are going to love this?!)

Our Frozen Bubble FAQ contains lots more information, tips and tricks for Bubbling both indoors and outdoors, find it here.

We've been having the best of times trying.  And all we want to now do is get out and try again :) 

Now off to refresh the weather app...

Have fun, and do share your pics!

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