How to run the BEST Giant Bubble Party using our Dr Zigs Eco Bubble Kits



We get many requests for Birthday Parties, Charity Events, Anniversaries, Weddings, Christenings, Street Parties, Scout Jamborees, School Fetes, Fun Days, and Festivals - even to attend funerals!  


Whilst we don’t attend ourselves - we do have some amazing kits and equipment, both for sale and for hire - that you can use yourself to have a Bubble Party to remember.  

And to help we thought we’d write a guide full of instructions, tips, ideas and games and even how to make great decorations! 


How To Make a Bubble Party?


Bubbles are ubiquitous for FUN.  It’s hard not to smile, not to reach out to pop them, or simply laugh and enjoy their beauty.  Is it the way they dance in the air? The color?  The ephemeral?  Probably a little of all of this.   It seems that even at the level of our brainwaves change happens when we see and play with Bubbles. 

So, what do you need for a Bubble Party?


  • Dr Zigs Eco Bubbles!  Yes, we make the best, most eco-friendly Bubbles in the World - so absolutely have a browse through our webshop and see what you would like.   We do have a Party Collection ready for you with the best of suggestions and a Bubble Party For Hire Kit too. 
  • Space!  Work out where you are to party!  Will it be in the garden, indoors?  If indoors, do you have a carpet you can put down? Towels - Bubble mix can make the floor slippery :) 
  • Plan!  Do you want to have a sensory/craft area?  A Garden Games area?  A place to put guests INSIDE a Bubble?   All of the above?!   Carefully work out when you will do these activities, who will manage them, and think about clearing up when you’re done (it’s amazing how easy it is to knock over Bubble Mix when  you’re busy looking up at the sky chasing Bubbles!)
  • Photos!  The Bubbles make for awesome picture moments that you will remember forever.  Either make time to have your camera to hand, or make sure to ask a guest to take pictures for you. 


  •  Check our website for the most suitable kit - for a Jubilee Street Party you may want a Celebration Kit, for example, for a  School Fun Day you may want our In-a-Bubble Kit, for a Wedding you may want one of our larger Professional Kits (if you would like to call or email the office to discuss this please do!  We love to hear about your event planning and how we can best help!)
  • Here are our best suggestions:  

    Jumbo Kit.  Party Kit.  Painting Kit.  Celebration Kit



Dr Zigs My Jumbo Kit



Sensory Bubble Fun


Our Bubbles are perfectly safe for even tiny ones to explore and have fun with. Blowing Bubbles through one of our Bamboo foamers is a great way to make different shapes or ‘Bubble snakes’ and will be sure to bring forth lots of squeals of delight. The Bubbles themselves are perfect for popping and touching. If you’ve got lots of excited children keen to get stuck in you can get them to dip their hands gently in the mix and blow Bubbles through their hands and fingers. You can even catch Bubbles this way too. There is so much to explore! 



Dr Zigs Sensory Bubble Kit


Bubble Painting Kits


If you add in one of our Bubble Painting Kits you can use a wallpaper style roll of plain paper and with our ready-to-go Bubble paint a whole bunch of kids can make a big Bubbly mess… or as we prefer to call it ‘Bubble Art’! This can then be cut up and taken home at the end of the party! It would make a fab backdrop hung up along a fence/wall too in the garden and decorating it would definitely keep little ones entertained!  

If the idea of whipping the paints out mid-party fills you with dread, but you’re totally up for the idea of creating some Bubble Art here are some ways you can get creative beforehand to celebrate with Bubbles in style;

  • Bubble Bunting - it’s the Queen’s Jubilee this year and it wouldn’t be right really if we didn’t encourage you all to get out the bunting! Using large sheets of paper or a roll (whatever you have to hand) let your little one’s go wild with the Bubble paints and then after everything is dry cut the Bubble art into pennants (triangles for us Plebs!) and string them up for some perfectly festive Jubilee Bubble Bunting! We think using just the red and blue paints here would be brilliant for that British Royal vibe! 
  • Bubble Crowns - again this one is super easy to do, just like the Bubble Bunting using large sheets of Bubble Art cut them into long thin rectangles or strips. Once you know it fits your child’s head, cut out some Crown-like shapes and close with some eco-friendly paper tape. You could even decorate it further if the Bubbles aren’t enough by adorning the Bubble Crown with some jewels drawn on with marker/paint pens! 


After all that Bubble Painting fun you’ll probably have lots of scraps and offcuts leftover. Don’t throw them in the recycling just yet you can use them in all sorts of ways;

  • Gift tags 
  • Invitations 
  • Thank You cards
  • Menus 
  • Labels for place settings or tables (think Street party style!)
  • Using a hole punch you could turn your scraps into eco-friendly confetti


Dr Zigs Bubble Painting Kit


Hire or Buy?

  • Do you need to buy the kit and keep it - or can you hire it?  We offer both options - and in terms of carbon miles, we always recommend hiring from a location closer to you.  So let us know where you live, and we’ll find your closest stockist and put you in touch!  OR if you know a local shop that you would like to recommend to stock our Bubbles do let us know! 

If what you would really rather is a hand’s off Bubble Party, where it is all done for you - we do have some suggestions!   

One is to appoint someone - a friend, or a member of your family - let’s face it, how many people ask ‘ can I do anything to help?’ SO MANY!  So why not say - yes, would you mind running the Bubbles for me?  It’s a really fun job after all! 

If that is not an option - well, at Dr Zigs we are friends with the best Bubble Artists across the world.  Below is a list of some of those in the UK, with links for how you can reach them.  But if you are looking for somewhere further afield do get back in touch on our contact us form or by email and we can put you in touch.  We have a network of super talented Bubble Artist friends in Australia, the USA, Canada, Korea, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and Argentina. Just ask and we’ll see what we can do to help :) 

Here are some great Bubble Artists friends of ours - you can reach out to for booking events in person.  If you do book them, do mention that you came via our website, and you can ask that they use our Dr Zigs Eco (biodegradable, vegan, and brilliant) Bubble Mix :) 

Rachel Conlisk - Spinsonic

Ian Russel 

Lisa Davies

Rainbow Gekko



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