How To Catch a Bubble!

How To Catch a Bubble!

Paola Dyboski

Have you ever tried catching or holding a Bubble? Does it just pop right away? ☹️

We've got a solution! Follow this how to, and learn to catch all the Bubbles...

Giant Bubble Selfie Reflections in a Bubble Film. How to take a bubble selfie, colour, physics, light interference, science in action, eco toys

How to take a Bubble Selfie!

Paola Dyboski-Bryant

There are so many things you can do with Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles.  Didi you know that they're also perfect for taking selfies?!  Here's a quick - How to take a selfie in a bubble blog.  

Have fun - and don't forget to share your selfies with us! 

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