Bubble Therapy - How it helps day to day
It’s crazy days. So let me tell you about Bubble therapy.
There is so much going on in the world at the moment.
I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed every so often.
From a crashing government to energy costs to the huge elephant in the room - climate breakdown.
Day to day at Dr Zigs we focus on what we can impact, on our sphere of influence - making the best Bubble toys we can, our impact on the toy industry, and the oodles of squeals of joy and laughter our one-of-a-kind Bubbles create.
But there are moments where the news, the reality of our times seeps in and it can be hard to switch off.
Yet I wanted to share this.
More and more I am becoming reliant on the Bubbles. Every day I am out testing our Bubble mix (we’re doing a lot of work on our new plant based formulations), and this for me is also my daily therapy.
Every day I get to play with Bubbles. Every day I get to be absorbed in the moment, gazing and observing these beautiful floating Bubble orbs. Every day I am engrossed by the shapes, by the structure, by the colour, the reflections, by the sheer beauty of it all.
And every day I am grateful for these moments of Bubble Therapy, moments where I just see the beauty and where my stresses melt away, and where the ephemeral teaches lessons of life’s transience.
I would recommend this to everyone. When it all seems a bit too much, take the Bubbles and step outside. Go and be in the world, in the fresh air, in the moment. Go and be with something magical, so brief, so perfect.
And breathe.
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