Bubbles and Smiles in a Refugee Camp in Athens

We’ve just had some wonderful images sent in from one of the Refugee Camps near Athens.  

It’s hard to imagine what these kids have been through.  And what they are going through still.  A Refugee Camp is not a home.  It is not a destination.  It is maybe respite, but it is no-mans land.  A place where you go and are in limbo whilst you try to find a way beyond, to safety, to a home, to security, to a school.  To the foundation blocks that make up our basic human rights. 

We are so grateful to all the volunteers who help and work so hard to offer friendship, welcome, assistance and some kind of dignity to the families and individuals caught up in this difficult situation.  

No one would arrive here through choice.  Most of those in this particular camp are Kurdish, Yazidis and Afghan, communities that have been decimated and dispersed, escaping war and persecution.  People who no longer have a home.  Increasingly these camps are also filling with climate refugees, people travelling because of the sheer impossibility of remaining at home.  

Kurdish Yazidi and Afghan girls and children playing with Dr Zigs Eco Bubbles in a Refugee Camp

Our Bubbles may be something small, but they do provide moments of respite, of laughter, of play.  Moments to forget. Where, at least for an instant the air is filled with squeals and giggles and sounds of joy.  Moments when these kids can very simply just be kids.  

This.  This is what makes our work at Dr Zigs so worthwhile. 

To read more about what we do, you can visit https://drzigs.com/pages/bubblesnotbombs  

A percentage of ALL our sales goes to this and other valuable projects.

Kurdish Yazidi and Afghan girls and children playing with Dr Zigs Eco Bubbles in a Refugee Camp
We are incredibly grateful to Finn and all the team at Network Anthropia for their great work and dedication and Bubble Pictures of course!
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