How to make Giant Bubbles in hot weather

Summer is here! Everyone is looking for the best toys and games to get the kids outdoors and entertained and having fun with the whole family. And what better way that with our Giant Bubble Kits? But did you know, that a hot summer’s day, due to the low humidity, doesn’t always make for best bubbling weather?! So here’s a few facts and a few tips to help you make the most of your Giant Bubble mix and equipment even a heatwave.

Our Dr Zigs Giant Bubble mix (or Dragon Juice as we like to call it) is made of 95% pure Welsh water. That’s A LOT of water! And what does water do when exposed to heat? Yes, it evaporates! Which is why our bubbles are actually happiest just after it’s just been raining!! The higher the humidity, the better the bubbles. And when in Summer it can get very hot and dry, the water in the bubbles evaporates super-fast, and the bubbles pop quite quickly. Bet you didn’t know our bubbles could teach you about the science of evaporation?!

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you enjoy the bubbles even on the hottest of Summer days.

  • Why not try spraying the air, either with a water spraying can, get the garden hose out, or better still, a sprinkler system . By simply throwing water about in the air around you, you can actually RAISE the local humidity and your bubbles will be instantly better.
  • Make bubbles very early in the day, or later as the sun is setting. Dew and condensation points as the air is cooler help again to raise the humidity. As an extra tip, if you’re a keen photographer, sunrise and sunset light conditions bring out the best colours in the bubbles too! Great for fantastic Instagramable pictures!
  • Head out to somewhere where there IS water. So why not make bubbles by a lake, or on the beach? The local humidity near bodies of water will automatically be higher, and even on the driest of days you can watch your bubbles float far into the distance over water.
  • Make smaller bubbles!! The lower the surface area of a bubble, the slower the water content will evaporate and the longer your bubbles will last (and you’ll have more of them!). 

A great kit that can help you make the summer weather is probably our My Jumbo Kit – this comes with both the Giant Wand, for making the HUGE bubbles, and the Multi-Wand, for making loads of the smaller (well, football sized!) bubbles. What’s more it comes with 3 100ml bottles – designed to fit into hand luggage – which mix up to make an amazing 3 Litres of bubble mix. The added value is that it allows flexibility for bubbling in different weather conditions but is great for sibling groups or just to have some bubble fun with friends.