Dr Zigs features on The Toy Coach Podcast!

Dr Zigs features on The Toy Coach Podcast!

Dr Zigs features on The Toy Coach Podcast!

Just overjoyed to have been featured on Azhelle Wade's (aka. The Toy Coach®) 'Making it in the Toy Industry' podcast talking about our amazing Giant Bubble Toys and the Circular Economy, and the work we're putting in to make this happen.

As you all know, we're passionate here at Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles to try and create bubble toys that are sustainable, stay out of landfill, and have a full life cycle.

We know that our Giant Bubbles are not perfect in terms of Circular Economy - but it IS work in progress - and it is that thought that goes into everything we do.  Where does everything we use come from, how long does it last, how is it used by our customers, how can it be re-used, how can it be recycled.

This is also what inspired our 'Bubbles for Hire' Range - the idea that our Bubble toys can be used again and again and again!  It's a great concept - and not only does it mean one toy gets multitudes of uses, it also makes good business sense for I retailers, who can buy a kit once, but have a long and multiple income stream for it. 

Lots more about this, my story and inspiration, and our exciting plans for the future of Dr Zigs, all here on this fantastic podcast.

Why not give it a book mark and have a listen next time you're out and about in the car, or pop it on in the kitchen when you're next making dinner.  I would LOVE to hear your feedback. 

Bubble love, 


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