A little innovation here at Dr Zigs

In-a-Bubble Kit by Dr Zigs, Kid In Bubble, KIB, Made In UK, Extra Strong and Durable, High Quality, Easy to Use, Portable.

Here at Dr Zigs, Ziggy and I have come up with a couple of little new innovations.  We have a new extention for our In-a-Bubble hoop, by creating an extra long handle.  Great for a serious added WOW factor.  We've also made new small hoops - perfect for demonstrations or workshops, or for straightforward play of course! 

Watch our quick video to find out more! 


How to Make Giant Bubbles

How to Make Giant Bubbles

A quick little guide to how to make Giant Soap Bubble Mix using your Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles Kit.  



1. Add your Dr Zigs concentrated bubble mix into a container. 



2. Slowly add the required volume of water, stirring thouroughly without making excess foam



3. Dadahhh! You're ready to Make Giant Bubbles!! 



Do you like our new logos?!

Do you like our new logos?!

Sharing our message with our customers isn't always straightforward. Much of what we do is behind the scenes. The push to increase recycling and reduce landfill, Reduce plastic within our toys. And our drive to use sustainable materials wherever possible.

So, we took pen to paper, and thought of a couple of logos - or are they ideograms?! that we can now use across our range and our marketing materials to share the work that we’re doing.