Plastic Free July? Have we got a treat for you!!

Plastic Free July? Have we got a treat for you!!

We've got lots of eco goodies for Plastic Free July 🤩
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How's Plastic Free July going for you? have you made any swaps in your daily routines? 😊

 One way to help the environment in our day to day lives is by making the conscious effort to buy more eco friendly plastic free toys! There's a whole range of fabulous toys out there all made from sustainably sourced materials!

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 Something we're very passionate about and have been working very hard to achieve here in Dr Zigs!

 Our organic Coconut Bubble Buckets, Bamboo Straws and Foamers are all made from natural materials and are all BPA and plastic FREE 🤩

 Have you been on any adventures with our Coconut Bubble Buckets? We can't leave the house without ours 😅 They have a 100 and 1 uses so they're perfect for taking along on your travels!


wooden toys eco friendly children's toys travel size unique gift idea coconut bucket family fun giant bubbles plastic free zero waste  

Whether you're using it to collect treasures on the beach or foraging in Forest School - it comes in very handy!

 Not to mention that it's just the BEST for Bubbling! 😍


We're lucky enough to work with fabulous zero waste stores who stock our Bubbles so we thought we would show our appreciation and give them a shoutout!

🌱 The Zero Waste Stores

🌱 Arlo Organics

🌱Mollys Cotton Tails

🌱Pax Whole Foods Eco Goods

it's business like these that really make a difference in the world. Their Drive and passion for a better more sustainable future is inspirational!

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