Exciting news from Dr Zigs Europe

Another exciting chapter in our Dr Zigs Europe journey is that we've just launched with @FAMILYNATION, the leading Italian e-commerce children's store ! This is a super exciting partnership for us, Not only is their branding and engagement amazing but the quality of brands they work with and the eco ethos they all share is just so awesome 💚

It feels so special to be apart of such a huge group of brands that are working towards a greener better future 🌱

Our Bubble adventure continue in VERY sunny Spain  we're currently in Catalunya where myself and Ziggy had the absolute pleasure of meeting two of the greatest talents in the world! @Martin_burbujologo is one of the most skilful Bubble artists in the world, his technical ability is just something else. And @pepboucia, who is absolutely legendary. back in the 80s it was Pep who first  took Bubbles to the stage! 


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