Our Bubbles are Superblue London.  The Immersive Art Experience - Silent Fall by A.A Murakami

Our Bubbles are Superblue London. The Immersive Art Experience - Silent Fall by A.A Murakami

Our Bubbles are Superblue London. The Immersive Art Experience - Silent Fall by A.A Murakami


We are beyond thrilled to have our awesome Giant Bubbles used for the wonder that is Silent Fall at SUPERBLUE.  An exhibition of experimental and immersive art.  And it’s all about our Bubbles. 

It's HUGE.

Superblue London featuring Dr Zigs Bubbles

This is the work by the amazing artist duo A. A. Murakami.  Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves.

Set in the very heart of London, by Royal Academy of the Arts, tucked away between The Ritz, The Geographical Society, Fortnum and Mason. 

This is an exhibition, this is theatre, this is immersion.

A room, a forest of trees.  White arching tree branches holding pods, each pod forming, growing, floating, falling, smoke filled Bubbles.  A forest ephemeral, echoed in unseen mirrors drifting into the distance beyond.  Each Bubble falling again and again, real, nearby, in reflections. 

Bubbles in orange at Superblue London immersive art experience Royal Academy featuring Dr Zigs Bubbles

It is an utterly powerful experience, a world filled with beautiful, scented, ephemeral Bubbles.

The scent. Scents change and drift as you move through the forest of trees, of falling Bubbles.  Scents rich, reminiscent of nature yet luscious, scents of forest floor, of woodland, of spiced timbers. 

For each visitor a black glove, a glove that transforms your hand, transforms you into a part of the show, a part of the experience.  Inviting, allowing and permitting you to play with these ephemeral spheres.  With the gloves the Bubbles become something that you can hold, so gentle, so solid.  The Bubble film a tight skin, taught, fragile, invisible. You can bounce, you can play, you can balance them on one finger.  You are immersed in that moment. Immersed in that individual Bubble that for that instant becomes a part of you, and you and the Bubble a part of the show.  Until they suddenly, so gently simply disappear, every Bubble gone in to a puff of smoke.  And that too a thing of beauty.  The inevitable. The short life of the ephemeral.

It's a show to be seen, to be smelt.  To be felt.  To fill up the senses. 

We are so utterly honoured and grateful that our Dr Zigs Bubble mix has been chosen and used for this show.  I am beyond proud of my team, who have worked hard, to tight deadlines and delivered.  I have been so moved.  It is poetry without words, it is an experience of Bubbles to be imagined.  

Go.  Go visit.  Go wander through the forest.  Smell, touch, play.  Go see. Tell the world.  There is a forest.  A forest of Bubbles...


For an virtual immersive experience of this event, you can watch this video below with a VR Headset #occulus or other.  There are more of these 3D videos in 180 and 360 shot with the Vuze XR camera

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