Exciting new developments AND it's all about the TECH!
We're so proud of what we're achieving.
Our Bubble Toys are unique in their eco, ethical, low plastic, vegan, gender-neutral gorgeousness - and we really couldn't be happier with the way they are loved by young and old all over the world.
For our latest news - we've just created a portal especially for our fabulous trade stockists - the amazing group of small businesses - many family businesses - that sell our Bubbles across the UK and beyond.   And this cool development means we're ready to take on more shops!
It's all about some super cool tech - well, software!  Months of work to develop and now finally it's here.  It's our clever system that counts every little bit of teensy eensy part, bit, ingredient and component that goes into every permutation of our awesome Giant Bubbles - and brilliantly incorporates our customer orders and supplier re-orders in to work flows. 
NOW we've even added a fantastic, user friendly portal for all our wonderful trade customers too! 
It's a huge innovation, that will make our customer's experience so much easier, faster and straight forward to navigate.  We're super excited and very grateful to our brilliant tech genius Luke Farrar who has worked so hard, with amazing input from Sonja, to get this running. 
Please spread the word - this not only means that we are better at looking after our existing customers - BUT it means we're ready to take on even more shops and stores!! 
We're especially keen to work with Zero Waste and Eco Stores everywhere.  Our mission is to really BE THE CHANGE, and we have a fabulous Made in Britain toy that really can make a difference.  The more stores - the more you can refill your bottles, HIRE our Bubble Kits for play or parties, and feel even better about making our Giant Bubbles.
Just tag your favourite Zero Waste/ Eco store here, or drop us a direct message, and we'll get in touch to #sharethebubblelove 🙂
Pic credit from our fab Slovenian stockist https://www.malihnog.com/en/ ❤️
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