Bubbling for International Women's Day with BBC Radio Wales

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As many of you know Dr Zigs is run by myself, Paola.

Whilst I run a manufacturing company making some of the best giant soap bubble toys in the world, I am also a daughter, a mum, a cook, cleaner, a driver, a fixer, a chief family-cuddle-giver – and these are just some of the roles I have as a woman.

For International Women’s Day was honoured to be asked to talk on the Dot Davies Show on BBC Radio Wales.

Here’s a little excerpt from the questions I was asked pre-show, and my answers.  

How to Make Giant Bubbles

How to Make Giant Bubbles

A quick little guide to how to make Giant Soap Bubble Mix using your Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles Kit.  



1. Add your Dr Zigs concentrated bubble mix into a container. 



2. Slowly add the required volume of water, stirring thouroughly without making excess foam



3. Dadahhh! You're ready to Make Giant Bubbles!! 



Cyffwrdd Syria - Touching Syria - an exhibition (with bubbles)

Cyffwrdd Syria - Touching Syria - an exhibition (with bubbles)
Cyffrwdd Syria – Touching Syria.  A six-week exhibition to include, on the 19th Jan, a day of talks, projections, music, food and dance celebrating Syrian and Welsh culture.  It has been co-curated by Humam Alsalim and Menna Thomas, and includes artists from both Syria and Wales collaborating together for the very first time.