Dr Zigs guinness world record of most giant bubbles ever made using our dr zigs bubble kits in caernarfon castle north wales brand advertising mass participation event

Dr Zigs now does Zero Waste Bubbles

Dr Zigs now does Zero Waste Bubbles

Dr Zigs now does Zero Waste Bubbles!!



We are hugely overjoyed to let you know that we are now officially able to offer REFILLS here at Dr Zigs and at our retailers!  Just bring your bottle to us or take your empty bottle to one of our participating retailers and get it filled up. 

More bubbles, less waste, less cost!  SO EXCITING!!

This offer will now also complement our Celebration Kits and our In-A-Bubble Kits which are available for HIRE!   This concept means that one bubble kit can be used hundreds of times to make zillions of bubbles – and it’s means it’s cheaper for you and offers a good return for the business too.  Circular Economy in action 😊

We are looking for shops to come on board – so if you know any zero waste shops that would be interested in stocking our bubbles and participating in this FAB new business model please let us know!

This offer is currently only available at participating retailers.  Details of our these and all our other stockists can be found on our website.

And to celebrate?  Here’s a clip from our Guinness World Record for the most people making Giant Bubbles together using our bubble kits.  I think that’s pretty close to a zillion bubbles?  What do you think?

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