Bubbles and Wooden Toys
From the very first day Dr Zigs was started, it was key that our toys would be as eco-friendly and sustainable as we could possibly make them. 
Giant Bubble Kit on the beach at Newborough, Anglesey, North Wales.  Our Giant Wand and a litre bucket of our Giant Bubble Solution, ready to play with. Such a great toy for kids of all ages.
Bubbles occur everywhere in our natural environment - in the oceans, and in our blood stream!  They are a fascinating way to explore nature.  Llandwyn Island with Llyn peninsual in the background, Ynys Môn, Anglesey.
And this I guess, stemmed from very personal wholesome attitude towards life, and especially parenting. 
A few days ago, I was having a chat with my eldest son Gatto, now 22yrs old and finishing up a degree in Fine Art at Cardiff University.  In a charity shop, my son had stumbled across the very same wooden toy I had bought for him when he was a toddler, and the memories of playing with it had come flooding back.  He phoned me up to tell me about this and to thank me, saying what a hugely positive influence the natural, wooden and creative toys he played with had on him growing up.
Giant Bubble Abstract art by Gatto Dyboski King, oil on wood, 2018.  This image really shows the irredescent colours in our bubbles.
Giant Bubble by Gatto Dyboski King, Oil on Wood, 2018
Mostly I think parenting is done on a wing and a prayer, but to know that the thought I put into my children’s toys actually had an impact and made a difference was, and is, wonderful to hear.
From Maria Montesori to the Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget's work, it seems that there are indeed sound benefits to playing with toys that connect the child directly with the natural world.  And what can do that more than wood, cotton and bubbles! 
Girl playing with Dr Zigs Bubbles in a field of bluebells.  Wooden toys are best for kids, and with multicoloured bubbles even more so.   
Girl playing with Dr Zigs Bubbles in a field of bluebells. Image courtesy of 'Kippers and Curtains' 


And this outdoor, creative imaginative play is exactly what we hope to create with our Dr Zigs Toys. 
Interior of our workshop showing our wooden loom that we use to make our multi-ropes and garlands.  Our bubble toys are all as eco-friendly and plastic-free as we can possibly make them.
Bubble Factory interior showing our wooden loom that we use to make our handmade ropes.
Our wands are designed of superb quality, tactile and safe to use.  The handles are made from sustainably sourced wood, the rope is 100% cotton, and with a special braid, designed soak up as much bubble juice, and release it slowly.
Dr Zigs bubble wands should last for years, and with our standard £3 off any refill, we do hope that our Giant Bubbles will also become one of those beautiful toys that can enthral, educate and create wonderful lasting memories with your children and families too.
A 9 year old boy using our bubble wands to make a stream of multi-coloured bubbles in the sunlight on Anglesey, North Wales
Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles make every outing fun for the kids!
We’re passionate that our Dr Zigs Bubble Toys should positively impact and influence the children that play with them.  That these will also fill their mind with wonder and their hearts with joy and create as much laughter and happiness along the way as is possible. 
Happy Bubbling!
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