Two Pictures - Two Choices

Two pictures. Two choices. Which do you prefer?

We choose the second picture. So much so that we're giving you £7 to help make sure that this becomes the better choice!

Over the holidays Ziggy and I got out on a few beach walks. On each trip, we did a litter pick. Every single time we found remnants of balloons.

So, so many of them.

Tatters of plastic that in the sea are disguised as tasty jellyfish, with plastic ribbons that will never biodegrade, destined to lethally entangle living creatures.

It is so sad.

There IS an alternative.

Our Bubbles are fully biodegradable, they are beautiful, and they leave no trace, just smiles and a happy knowing that your hours of fun will not leave this kind of legacy behind.

On our website, you will find more information about the Big Balloon pledge. Please join us this New Year and BE the change you wish to see.

This means so much to us that Ziggy and I have decided that we are gifting you a whopping £7 off our My Loads of Bubbles Kit. Just click on the link below and use #BubblesNotBalloons at check out, valid for the rest of January, and please share.

For more inspiration about what more you can do give our friends a follow. Great resources, happy vibes and positive action 

Ten Little Pieces Balloons Blow Rubbish Walks

And please take the pledge, and please, please share.

Let's BE the change and make the switch, Bubbles, Not Balloons.

With much love from Ziggy, Paola and all the team at Dr Zigs


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