Exploring Crystal Patterns with our Dr Zigs Frozen Bubble Kit

Welcome to the magical world of Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles! If you're on the lookout for family fun that's both educational and entertaining, you're in for a treat. Today, we're diving into the world of awesome science with our Frozen Bubble Kit. Get ready to explore mesmerizing ice patterns and embark on a playful journey of discovery with your little ones.


Ice Bubbles

Now, imagine the sight of Bubbles turning into stunning frozen ice formations, each one a unique work of art. Our top of the line, plant based Frozen Bubble Kit takes the wonder of Bubbles to a whole new level, introducing budding scientists and curious minds to the captivating science of crystal patterns. Each Bubble becomes a wonderful showcase of intricate frozen designs that spark curiosity.

Bubble crystals

Ice crystals are nature's delicate works of art, taking on an array of intriguing shapes that draw us in. With Dr zigs Frozen Bubbles, the process is just as fascinating. As winter temperatures creep down, ice crystals begin forming from the bubble's base and gradually ascend. They adhere in patterns that echo the symmetry seen in nature, resulting in shapes like hexagons, stars, and intricate designs closely resembling snowflakes. This natural phenomenon serves as a reminder of the hidden beauty that surrounds us, waiting to be discovered in the most unexpected places.

What's special about Dr Zigs?

What makes our Bubbles so extra special is that not only are they 100% biodegradable, but also they are made of 100% plant based ingredients! We have spent years engineering these to freeze at -2 celsius (28 in Fahrenheit) Where normal Bubbles only freeze at -20 (-4 in Fahrenheit)  !  How amazing is that? This innovation allows you to dive into the world of frozen bubbles as soon as the first frost settles in.

Keep the whole family entertained!

Ever wondered how to keep everyone entertained on cold days? Thankfully, our Frozen Bubble Kit is a perfect educational solution! As the Bubble freezes it creates beautiful ice patterns all across the surface which creates infinite beauty. 

What you will need:

- A Dr Zigs frozen Bubble kit.

- Cold weather, you know its cold enough if frost settles on the ground.

- A still day, night or morning.

- Some gloves, hat and scarf.

- A camera (or your phone).


And finally 

At Dr Zigs, we believe in making family moments magical and educational. Our Frozen Bubble Kit is a Brilliant way to explore this new world of snow globes. As you explore the world of Frozen Bubbles, remember that learning knows no bounds. Share your experiences on our social media accounts (@DrZigs) and connect with a community that loves fun just as much as you!. Dr Zigs Bubbles are the perfect present, sparking joy and wonder to whomever you give it to.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner scientist, bond with your children, and embark on a journey of discovery with Dr Zigs' Giant Bubbles. Dive into the captivating science of crystal patterns and make memories that will last a lifetime. Join us in celebrating the magic of Bubbles and the limitless possibilities they bring to your life.

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